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Trunk Road Safety Review

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The Welsh Government has reviewed the speed limits on the trunk road network, giving due consideration to the nature of the road, safety of the road and use of the road by the community, in line with the guidance on Setting Local Speed Limits in Wales This guidance is used for setting all local speed limits on trunk and county roads (excluding motorways) whether single or dual carriageways in both urban and rural areas. This website covers the results of the review of speed limits and safety on the trunk road network, for which Welsh Government is the highway authority.

As part of this process an holistic review of road safety on the trunk road network (excluding motorways) has been undertaken, identifying engineering measures which can help to improve road safety, either as part of a prioritised programme of work or as part of a rolling programme of engineering measures. Additionally, locations where Welsh Government will discuss enforcement options with the Police in order to improve compliance with the existing speed limit have been identified. The results of the review may be accessed by clicking on this map.

Please note: (a) Any potential changes to speed limits identified by the review will be subject to public consultation; and (b) All works and investigations proposed are subject to the availability of funding and completion of statutory procedures.

The safety of the trunk road network is continually monitored to identify potential road safety improvements and the review of speed limits is an ongoing process. This website will be updated periodically when further reviews have been completed. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained in this website is correct. Any errors should be reported to

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