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What are cookies?


Cookies are small files that websites save to your computer. They are used to make the website work better for you, and to help us better understand how people use the site.

These cookies are not used to identify you personally, but they can remember activities and preferences chosen by you within your internet browser. You can manage cookies by controlling which ones are saved or even by deleting them if you wish (how to do this depends on the browser you are using, but it is generally found in the "privacy" options).

Like many websites, to help us personalise your experience using, we store settings details on your computer to remember the last item you clicked, how you like to view the site, where you are on the map, etc.

To make full use of the functions on this website, you will need to accept cookies within your browser. Some features of this website may be restricted by disabling them.


Cookies used on the Traffic Wales website


We use cookies to gain a better understanding of how our users access and use the information we provide, and to improve your overall experience.

We specifically use cookies for checking if Javascript is enabled or disabled, setting/retrieving visitor session information, to determine if you have selected normal graphical mode or text only, to determine the user interface setting, to store information about the last item selected on the page, and to store the last visited page name and number.


Google Analytics


Google Analytics is a product that Traffic Wales use to do things such as keep track of the number of visitors to the site and the length of their stay. We use this information to monitor the number of visits per month and to see how an incident/event increases demand on the website.

The metrics obtained through the use of first-party Google Analytics cookies do not include any information that would allow us to personally identify visitors to the website; the data is anonymous. The anonymised data that is collected is stored on Google's servers.

Full details of the cookies set by Google Analytics are published on the Google website. Google also publishes a browser add-on to allow you to choose that information about your website visit is not sent to Google Analytics.

For further details on the cookies used by Google Analytics, click here.

Google also produce a browser add-on to allow you to opt-out of sending information about your website visit to Google Analytics; it is available here.