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Use the tick-box selector to choose the icons and information you would like to view in the map and click ‘Apply filter’. Unless otherwise stated, information is only available for the Welsh Government motorway and trunk road network. Click here to view a map of the roads covered by the Traffic Wales service.

Each traffic alert is categorised by its expected impact on traffic. We allocate a severity rating to each incident, roadworks alert or planned event according to the best information available to us at the time and based on past experience of similar occurrences.

Please note that a traffic alert may not be added if the effects of an incident are expected to last less than 20 minutes.

By default, the map shows disruptions currently affecting the road network. In addition, roadworks or events scheduled to begin in the near future are shown with a grey background.

The ‘Calendar’ function (below ‘Travel menu options’) allows you to select a future date or time of travel and check for disruptions already expected for that time (e.g. roadworks scheduled to occur).

The ‘Find location’ function (below ‘Travel menu options’ and ‘Calendar’) allows you to zoom the map to a postcode or street. Please enter the postcode without spaces.

The map requires a java script download in order to function correctly. There is no need to do anything as the download happens automatically. Download size is approximately 460KB. The component is a one-time download and will remain cached (saved in your browser to allow quicker loading on your next visit). Once the component has downloaded then maps will load in to the map view.

As the map is cached, you may need to refresh your browser (press F5) to view the most recent changes to map screens.

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